Transcending/Revealing Love

When you are born into a biological family, there is a built-in component of love.

When you are born into a church family there is a command to love one another.

When you become a  friend in the sense that Jesus called his disciples friends it transcends both the biological component and the command to love.

  • It is something that truly transcends all other love and it is through those relationships that the essence and foundation of the way that God would have to love is truly revealed. 

Love itself ultimately transcends both the biological urge and  command to love…

Some Thoughts on Life and Love

Through the mother’s womb life and love are born.

Through the living out of that life love is precariously formed.

Through the command of God to love our life is indeed laid bare.

Through the consummation of that love we are shown how to truly care. 

From the beginning to the end it is life and love that we are called to share.

A few notes:

Love both forms us and transforms us.

Love moves from mystery to reality and back to mystery.

MSD Wayne and Community Building

I am very honored and blessed to be a part of the Guiding Coalition for Strategic Thinking; a group of Wayne Township community leaders, students and educators, who have been charged with putting together a Strategic Plan/Vision for the next generation of Wayne Township.

I give credit to MSD Wayne Superintendent Dr Jeff Butts who along with his staff are leading the way in this endeavor of providing hope for future generations. “We are Wayne” a slogan developed by the MSD Wayne leadership team has taken on an entirely new meaning as we come together for these meetings. The slogan’s original intention (I believe) was to promote a sense of community/unity within the school district and serve as a way of defining the way Wayne does business, but it has become a mantra for the district and has been transformative in its impact.  

I am not sure if Dr. Butts knew the impact these words would have, but as a visionary I think maybe he had an idea that Wayne was on to something. The  mantra” We are Wayne” could no longer be confined by the restraints being placed on it by being just a district wide slogan, intending to identify and exemplify the way MSD Wayne does business.

Thinking outside the box, Dr. Butts and his team decided that this was bigger than just MSD Wayne and decided to put it out there as a mantra for the entire Wayne community (136.828 as of the 2010 census).

Community is such an important part of the districts message that it has become the driving force behind the putting together a Strategic Plan for the next generation of Wayne learners. Dr. Butts and Don Dyck  the lead facilitator for these meetings are doing a wonderful job of leading the group through this process. They know that the scope of this vision lies outside the capacity of the districts means; but they also trust in the community/business leaders in Wayne to work along side them as collaborative partners in this endeavor; furthermore they also have the comfort level of knowing and trusting in the education they are giving their students and they have foresight to trust in them as the next generation of leaders in the Wayne Community.

We have by no means figured out how all of this is ultimately going to pan out, but we do know that the building of strong sustainable communities is vitally important to both the current and  future generations.

We are Wayne

We are One

Wayne a community striving to be a community for this and future generations 

A vision of community does not community make; community is realized when you are willing to strive together with others for the good of all in the community.  

Being Holistic and Governing Dynamics

Adam Smith’s idea that, ‘the best result comes from everyone in the group doing what’s best for himself’. Adam Smith had said: “In competition, individual ambition serves the common good.

John Nash claimed that Adam Smith was wrong:

“Because the best result will come…from everyone in the group doing what’s best for himself…and the group. “He envisioned a scenario — a bargaining strategy — in which nobody loses..”

Jesus said:   “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.  This is the great and first commandment.  And a second is like it: You shall love your neighbor as yourself.  On these two commandments depend all the Law and the Prophets.”

I think maybe Jesus was on to something here when it comes to governing dynamics and holistic principle.

We speak often of holistic principles when trying to bring others around to our way of thinking, which is not a bad thing if that is indeed our goal (?).  

I believe though that in a lot of cases some people are left out, thus the whole of hoilstic is not truly being achieved, as long as a part of the holistic process is not being properly addressed the end result will not be truly holistic and you in the end will have done damage to the very name of holistic.



Smith and Nash quotes are taken from:

Jesus quote taken from: Matthew 22:37-40 – ESV

“Yes” and “No”

I have been reading through The Sermon on the Mount daily with a group of others during this Lenten season, I must admit though that some days that I don’t make it all the way through and hardly ever in a single reading. This is for a number of reasons; some good, some not so good. I could try to justify those reasons here but I will defer to the teachings of The Sermon itself on this matter. From Matthew 6 and 37 we have these words concerning oaths : “All you need to say is simply “Yes” or “No” anything beyond this comes from the evil one.” – NIV


I often find myself pondering these words and the implications that they have for all of us, wondering what our world might look like if more practiced this simple invocation.


These words of Jesus, I believe are best understood in the context of beloved community; a place where others know me and I them, for it is only in this knowing of each other that we can be at peace with who we truly are; a place where my “Yes” and “No” will be deemed as the only answers needed…

Education – A Letter to my State Representative

 I am disappointed at the attempts to take away power from State Superintendent Glenda Ritz (as I expressed in your post election survey) as evidenced by the bills moving through Committee’s on 2/19/13 would indicate. I am having a really hard time figuring out why Glenda Ritz is not even being given a chance to work with the Super Majority in developing her vision for educating our children. 

Last night as I attended a Town Hall meeting that was looking for solutions to the problem of youth violence in our city, I could not help but to think of the issue of the education and legislation; of people placed in a position of doing what is best for our children who just don’t seem to get it. The message being sent to our children (from this legislative session), is that this is not about you; this about doing what you can when you have the power to do so, unfortunately I think our children get the message loud and clear. The people cried out peace, peace  and their was no peace to be found …

The Jeremiah 29:7 Project

I am working on an initiative as a part of our ongoing work at Drexel Gardens Christian Church, and I am looking to get some input, feedback, criticism or whatever else you may have to offer     The Jeremiah 29:7 Project  


  • The Jeremiah 29:7 Project is about educating schools, churches and communities (it is not a program, it is a way of life) about what it means to be a community and to also teach  what living in community looks like;  the basic concept being; that it is in the coming together as a community; living and working together for the good of the community as a whole that we can find peace for each person living in that community.

  • This project/initiative will have a very strong built in youth component called Koinonia. (which is the name our Saturday Youth Worship Leader came up with for our Saturday Night Youth/Community  Service). 

  •  Seek the welfare (peace) of the place where I have sent you into exile, for in its welfare (peace) you will have welfare (peace). 


    The emphasis on educating children in our schools, I believe will be a vital component of this initiative. As I look around our community, I see a lot of older teens and young adults who seem to have no purpose for their lives and a lot of younger kids who seem to have no direction. You can sense a general feeling of hopelessness, this I believe results from them failing to meet the expectations placed on them both through the educational process and at home. We spend so much time it seems teaching and emphasizing the need to rise above our/their circumstances; that when our children can’t or don’t live up to those expectations, they deem themselves failures who are stuck in a hopeless situation.
    The hope with The Jeremiah 29:7 Project is this:
    That in teaching the next and even the present generation the importance and value of living in and being part of a community that hope can be restored and that our children can see, experience and live in hope and that they themselves can light the way for future generations.  
    I know this is a pretty basic outline which I hope to be expanding on in the near future with your input, guidance, direction and partnership.
    I strongly believe that for us a church and for the Drexel Gardens community as a whole that this is a direction that we need to take at this time.   
    Please be in prayer for our church/community  as I present these things (which I have spoke of general terms) in more fullness to our church and our community.
    As of the present time nothing has really been done with this initiative, I am still waiting on feedback for this proposal so that I can put together something more concrete; not based just on what I think. If none comes soon I will move forward with putting this together for our community and our church.
    If you read this please pass it along, the more input the more impactful this can be.

On Valentine’s Day a Prayer for the Heart…

Seeking Peace

 A prayer for the heart of the other:

Lord, help me to see the heart of the other.

Lord, help me to know the heart of the other.

Lord, help me to love the heart of the other.

Lord, help me to be the heart of the other.

Lord, also help me to let the other’s heart be mine,

so that I can see, know, love and be there for them,

in the way that both you and they need me to be.



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