Empathy and Everyone (Born to Love)

Whether you are a person of faith or not should not really matter when it comes to empathy. Faith tells us that we are created in the image of a loving, caring, compassionate God, thus we are created to be loving, caring and compassionate as well. Science I believe points us in the same direction, empathy is part of our physical and psychological makeup; we are indeed born to love.

We also know that we live in a world where both of those realms (faith and science) are influenced by the world in which we live and that in both realms or realities things can and do go wrong.

In faith, if people have not been brought up in an environment of love and stability and empathy is not learned or modeled or ingrained in them. When this happens n people of faith stray from the way that is intended for them.

Scientifically or medically things can also go wrong if a person’s physiological make up is damaged either genetically or through traumatic injury, it can cause damage to the areas of the brain that control empathic responses.

Both faith and science point us toward the conclusion that we are indeed born to love, and when something goes wrong in either area, things in the world are not as they could or should be.

Both from a faith and a science perspective the corrective work is one of restoration of things to the way they were always intended to be.

We are born to love…