Not Learning War Anymore


What would it look like if we did not learn war anymore? 

Would we have?

Less hate 

Less violence

Less rape

Less murder

Less anger

Less domestic violence 

Less child abuse 

Less depression 

Less suicide

And yes…

Less war

Would we not have?

More peace

More hope

And yes…

More love…

If only we would quit learning war…


Inspired by – Isaiah 2:4 (1-5); Micah 4:3 (1-5) and Jesus…



‚ÄčSometime, it is as good a time as any

Sometime, could be anytime you want

But usually sometime is a mystery

Maybe more like an excuse

I will help sometime

I will love sometime

But some will ask

what if sometime never comes

But it must,for their is a time for everything

Or so says the Preacher

Or so says the Preacher