Learning Community – Definition (Always a Work in Progress)

Learning Community:

A place where our children, along with family and other community members learn the intrinsic value of sharing life together, not only, but first in a local place, after which it has the capability of expanding to more universal applications.

CommunityMany coming together as one, for the good of all.  

Com together/with;


ity – state or quality

Community – A place where every decision you make will either enhance or diminish life; that being said, it is also a place where all outcomes whether good or bad are used to improve the quality of life in the community as a whole.

E Pluribus Unum –  “Out of many, one.”

Why do we do what we do, why do we learn what we learn?  We do it all for the sake of improving the quality of life in our community. 

Still pondering …








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