Transcending/Revealing Love

When you are born into a biological family, there is a built-in component of love.

When you are born into a church family there is a command to love one another.

When you become a  friend in the sense that Jesus called his disciples friends it transcends both the biological component and the command to love.

  • It is something that truly transcends all other love and it is through those relationships that the essence and foundation of the way that God would have to love is truly revealed. 

Love itself ultimately transcends both the biological urge and  command to love…


Some Thoughts on Life and Love

Through the mother’s womb life and love are born.

Through the living out of that life love is precariously formed.

Through the command of God to love our life is indeed laid bare.

Through the consummation of that love we are shown how to truly care. 

From the beginning to the end it is life and love that we are called to share.

A few notes:

Love both forms us and transforms us.

Love moves from mystery to reality and back to mystery.