MSD Wayne and Community Building

I am very honored and blessed to be a part of the Guiding Coalition for Strategic Thinking; a group of Wayne Township community leaders, students and educators, who have been charged with putting together a Strategic Plan/Vision for the next generation of Wayne Township.

I give credit to MSD Wayne Superintendent Dr Jeff Butts who along with his staff are leading the way in this endeavor of providing hope for future generations. “We are Wayne” a slogan developed by the MSD Wayne leadership team has taken on an entirely new meaning as we come together for these meetings. The slogan’s original intention (I believe) was to promote a sense of community/unity within the school district and serve as a way of defining the way Wayne does business, but it has become a mantra for the district and has been transformative in its impact.  

I am not sure if Dr. Butts knew the impact these words would have, but as a visionary I think maybe he had an idea that Wayne was on to something. The  mantra” We are Wayne” could no longer be confined by the restraints being placed on it by being just a district wide slogan, intending to identify and exemplify the way MSD Wayne does business.

Thinking outside the box, Dr. Butts and his team decided that this was bigger than just MSD Wayne and decided to put it out there as a mantra for the entire Wayne community (136.828 as of the 2010 census).

Community is such an important part of the districts message that it has become the driving force behind the putting together a Strategic Plan for the next generation of Wayne learners. Dr. Butts and Don Dyck  the lead facilitator for these meetings are doing a wonderful job of leading the group through this process. They know that the scope of this vision lies outside the capacity of the districts means; but they also trust in the community/business leaders in Wayne to work along side them as collaborative partners in this endeavor; furthermore they also have the comfort level of knowing and trusting in the education they are giving their students and they have foresight to trust in them as the next generation of leaders in the Wayne Community.

We have by no means figured out how all of this is ultimately going to pan out, but we do know that the building of strong sustainable communities is vitally important to both the current and  future generations.

We are Wayne

We are One

Wayne a community striving to be a community for this and future generations 

A vision of community does not community make; community is realized when you are willing to strive together with others for the good of all in the community.