Education – A Letter to my State Representative

 I am disappointed at the attempts to take away power from State Superintendent Glenda Ritz (as I expressed in your post election survey) as evidenced by the bills moving through Committee’s on 2/19/13 would indicate. I am having a really hard time figuring out why Glenda Ritz is not even being given a chance to work with the Super Majority in developing her vision for educating our children. 

Last night as I attended a Town Hall meeting that was looking for solutions to the problem of youth violence in our city, I could not help but to think of the issue of the education and legislation; of people placed in a position of doing what is best for our children who just don’t seem to get it. The message being sent to our children (from this legislative session), is that this is not about you; this about doing what you can when you have the power to do so, unfortunately I think our children get the message loud and clear. The people cried out peace, peace  and their was no peace to be found …

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