The Jeremiah 29:7 Project

I am working on an initiative as a part of our ongoing work at Drexel Gardens Christian Church, and I am looking to get some input, feedback, criticism or whatever else you may have to offer     The Jeremiah 29:7 Project  


  • The Jeremiah 29:7 Project is about educating schools, churches and communities (it is not a program, it is a way of life) about what it means to be a community and to also teach  what living in community looks like;  the basic concept being; that it is in the coming together as a community; living and working together for the good of the community as a whole that we can find peace for each person living in that community.

  • This project/initiative will have a very strong built in youth component called Koinonia. (which is the name our Saturday Youth Worship Leader came up with for our Saturday Night Youth/Community  Service). 

  •  Seek the welfare (peace) of the place where I have sent you into exile, for in its welfare (peace) you will have welfare (peace). 


    The emphasis on educating children in our schools, I believe will be a vital component of this initiative. As I look around our community, I see a lot of older teens and young adults who seem to have no purpose for their lives and a lot of younger kids who seem to have no direction. You can sense a general feeling of hopelessness, this I believe results from them failing to meet the expectations placed on them both through the educational process and at home. We spend so much time it seems teaching and emphasizing the need to rise above our/their circumstances; that when our children can’t or don’t live up to those expectations, they deem themselves failures who are stuck in a hopeless situation.
    The hope with The Jeremiah 29:7 Project is this:
    That in teaching the next and even the present generation the importance and value of living in and being part of a community that hope can be restored and that our children can see, experience and live in hope and that they themselves can light the way for future generations.  
    I know this is a pretty basic outline which I hope to be expanding on in the near future with your input, guidance, direction and partnership.
    I strongly believe that for us a church and for the Drexel Gardens community as a whole that this is a direction that we need to take at this time.   
    Please be in prayer for our church/community  as I present these things (which I have spoke of general terms) in more fullness to our church and our community.
    As of the present time nothing has really been done with this initiative, I am still waiting on feedback for this proposal so that I can put together something more concrete; not based just on what I think. If none comes soon I will move forward with putting this together for our community and our church.
    If you read this please pass it along, the more input the more impactful this can be.

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