School Choice: Public, Private or Local (?)

I believe that the ultimate determination of the success or failure of any school, be it public or private should be made on the most local level. It should be made by those who know their students/children the best; it should be made by their community leaders, school administrators, teachers and most importantly the parents of the children attending these schools. If we deem any of these people unqualified to make such important decisions, then the correct step to make, would be to qualify them, to provide them with an adequate understanding of how these choices/decisions are made. This (qualifying) I believe can all be done on a local level by those who know the community that a school is located in the best. 

I believe that when we leave these decisions in the hands of the local community, that we strengthen the community by making them a much larger stakeholder in the long term success of the community in which they live and share life together, thus providing stability and hope for future generations.

As we allow these decisions to move through the tiers of government, we gradually diminish the significant role that community life has and can play in the life of our children. Each decision made for them by someone else concerning their local place serves to diminish their already weakening voice and can move them into a state of deeper hopelessness. 

If we want our children to know that they have a voice and if we want our children and future generations to have a reason to hope, then the promotion of strong community life would be a great place to start.

Community building should be the road much more traveled on than what it is; by promoting stronger local neighborhoods and communities we can indeed build a bridge both to and for our children’s future.

Seeking, working and praying for peace in this place.



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