Pondering the Origins of Community

At the core of community is the knowledge that community must begin in the place where you are, it is in that place of origins for us as individuals that we first learn what it means to be part of a community; part of a family.  The downfall of community through the generations has been the stripping away of the family as this place where community is first taught and also learned. Through the disintegration of family came the disintegration of community. When we have tried to re-institute this concept of community we have more often then not failed miserably because we have not fixed this vital and first step in the teaching of and learning in community. Sure we have made valiant efforts at trying substitute community for family with some success but without this element at its core it is not the same, something is very notably missing.

Getting back to this basic idea of community beginning in the place where you are. I believe that we can take steps in the restoration of the family (our initial community) but it needs to start in the local place where you are, it cannot start in the larger  community, because the concept or understanding of what community is has not been formed yet. But it can begin where you are; with those around you who know you and the environment in which commuity is trying to be formed the best.

This is a work in progress…

Pondering and thinking on these things…

Where do we go from here?

The only place to begin is at the beginning, community just doesn’t happen because we want it to, it takes hard work, we can’t take shortcuts.


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