Martin Luther King Jr. – I Have a Dream for Community

Martin Luther King Jr. I have a Dream Speech ( has long stood in my mind as a source of inspiration; it was a great speech, a rallying call for a people, for all people to come together in community, in a community that God intended for us all, where we could all live together and work together for the good of the whole. I believe that in the generations since while his message has made a difference, a generation of people (all people) was changed forever, and future generations of all people are reaping its rewards. But King’s dream I feel for many was for another day and time; that its vision has been fulfilled, believing that; all that it would accomplish, had/has been accomplished. Those who believe such, I believe have no clue as to what King was saying, his dream was not just for a people, for a time or a generation; it was a dream for all people, all times, all  generations. King’s ultimate vision for me was one of a people living together in community; that expansive community for King was our country, a country where people of all races could live together in peace. But that expansive community for King was to be the end result of people’s coming together, I believe that as King knew and spoke of in his speech; that this work would start in the smaller communities where people lived, worked and played, a place where our children could learn what true community was supposed to look like. These would be the places where King’s vision would be perpetuated; these would be the places that would shine as beacons of hope not only for black people, but for all people. I believe further that the reason things are not moving along or bearing the fruit that we had all hoped, for the long term, is because of the neglect of that more foundational work of building and sustaining those smaller communities.

I have indeed been blessed by the life and work of Dr. King; but stopping there would not be what Dr. King would want, I believe that he knew that this work was a lifelong work that would require continued sacrifice by all people as they were working together for the good of the community that was being formed, he knew that this work was not his own but work that he had been called to join God in, this work of restoration and reconciliation, was his life and he gave his life in this work.

Let us also join God in this work of reconciliation and restoration. Let us start this work where we are, where he has placed us, let us be that beacon of hope, that city on a hill, that light that shines for all to see. Let us do this for God, let us do this for each other and most importantly let us do this for and with our children, that they may not only learn to hope, but also live in hope together, this is how, I believe King desired for all of this to play out.

I have a dream…    


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