I Have a dream for … community

I have a dream … said Martin Luther King Jr.  I have a dream as well; that one day poverty will not be the problem that it is today, that all people everywhere can have a shared hope for living in a sharing community, in a community where a person’s lack of wealth or intellect will not determine their value to the community. I have a dream that one day such a community will exist, that it will exist across all lines of race and socio-economic levels; where rich and poor; red and yellow, black and white; where people of all races and ethnicities can sit down together with an equal voice in community, knowing that their voice will not only be heard but be counted as equal to all the other voices. I have a dream that these voices will be heard, not because they speak to their own concerns, but to  the concerns of the community as a whole; knowing and understanding that it is only in seeking and working for the peace and welfare of all that all can have peace and welfare.

I believe that this dream can only be realized if we start teaching our children the importance and value of community. The time for making excuses has long past, the time for action is today; so parents, preachers, teachers, community and government leaders what say you or more importantly what will you do? Because you see; this is not about my dreams or even our dreams; it is about the lives of our children, it is about their future, it is about giving them  a hope and a future.

It is time to break this cycle of hopelessness that we ourselves have perpetuated through both our ignorance and our inactivity.

I have a dream that one day all of our children can live together in community, community that they helped to build; a community where each person has value and worth that is equal to all others in their community; a place where hope is not only possible but a place where hope has become a way of life.