This too can be laid at the doorstep of the American Church
The above link tells the tragic story of 333,000 babies aborted in the America’s in 2011, the article seems to once again point to legislation as an answer and maybe even the only answer to this atrocity. But why should that surprise us, the blame seems to always go to the government, they should be able to solve all of our problems right: to much poverty, let us introduce legislation to solve the problem; to much gun violence, I am sure we can get a bill passed that will solve that problem as well; why don’t we just let the government take care of all of our social ills; they seem to have a proven track record when it comes to legislating morality don’t they (?).

Something does need to be done on all these fronts and maybe some legislation will help, but it is not answer. The answer I believe is that these issues need to be picked up from the doorstep of the Church in the United State and taken into their/our buildings, but more importantly into their/our hearts; all of these issues involve hurting and broken people. Are not hurting and broken people the responsibility of the Church; are they not part of the mission field that we have been called to. Maybe the Church by and large should get back to its calling of: proclaiming good news to the poor;  proclaiming liberty to the  captives; recovery of sight to the blind; to set at liberty those who are oppressed ; of being salt and light, a city on hill.

The  above mentioned issues are all things that would be less of a problem, if the Church would simply repent of its neglect and deficiencies  in these areas and be more of  the Presence that they are called to be; do we not trust God anymore? If His Presence through His people the Church cannot provide peace in the hearts of those who are created in His image, than the government most certainly cannot, so Church rise up!: be light, be Presence, be Truth and maybe, just maybe, if we believe;  that next year abortions numbers will go down, gun violence will go down, people will be able to see the hope of Christ and rise up out of poverty, maybe their will even be less war and more peace, just maybe if the Church lets it light shine, more people can come to know the peace of Christ that only He can provide.

Just maybe, if we only believe…

Go ahead and lay it at the doorstep of the Church, lay it at the foot of the cross and watch God do, what only he can do if we only believe…