Mystery, Wonder and Scripture; How do you read scripture?

Who is reading scripture correctly?

In a previous writing I noted the myriad of Bible translations and interpretations and also the myriad of church denominations. I said that it was a wonder that anyone knew who or what to believe.

Here is what I believe: I believe that as I (as in me) read scripture, I am told rely on the Spirit’s guidance and also to use other scriptures to guide me in my interpretation of what is being said, along with guidance from the Holy Spirit, I believe that I am to read everything through the lens of Christ and the Gospel as an aid in interpretation. I believe also that when I read scripture in communion/community with others that more light is shred on the word which aids not only in interpretation but also in application.

I believe that also their is a certain amount of mystery and wonder that not only apply to the Word of Christ but also to the Way of Christ, I believe that we need to live within that mystery and wonder by faith knowing that we will never understand it completely. I believe that at times instead of living within the mystery and wonder; we work to solve the mystery and explore the wonder until we have an answer, being defiant in the process; we must know exactly what it means!

I believe that Jesus is the Christ the Son of the living God, and I accept that and all the mystery and wonder that comes along with it, pondering often, what it all means…