I looked into her eyes

Do you remember the day that you looked into the eyes of your bride and told her that you would love her forever? After 32 years, I still look into the eyes of my bride and remember that promise, along the way though I have seen a number of different looks in her eyes as she has looked back at me; I have seen anger, and joy, heartache and sorrow, pain and pleasure, wonder and puzzlement, yes even disappointment and despair, sometimes those looks were fleeting and sometimes they seemed to linger much longer than I would have liked. The good I wanted to linger and the bad I hoped would be fleeting. The look that I remember most though is the one from March 15th, 1980. It is the lens through which all the other looks are seen, when I look into her eyes today I still see those eyes that I saw then and I remember the promise that I made to her that day; to love her forever and I do and I will.