Tension Between Gospel and Biblically Driven Mission Models

This is written in response to the following blog:


“It is my hope is that as people debate the mission they might not get distracted from it. On that we can be united.”

My hope to is that we can move past the debate and simply live in the tension between the two. I believe that really is the only way that this will ultimately be productive for the Church.

It is the working together in this tension that a true, strong, lasting relationship can/will be formed, and isn’t that what people need to see modeled so that they can come to know and believe in Christ.

Most people who are either marginal christian or not christian at all don’t give a crap about this debate.

The best witness to them is to see a biblically and gospelly (if that is a word) driven church community faithfully carrying out its mission in the world.

I think we could possibly talk about this forever, but that would be unproductive.

It is time for us to simply get on with living the message. (loose paraphrase from Dietrich Bonhoeffer – The Cost of Discipleship)