The Grand Illusion – on being a hypocrite 4

More thoughts about hypocrisy; being this grand illusion that the world sees and doesn’t really know what to make of it. Everyone putting on a show for someone else so that no one can see how things truly are, we don’t really trust anybody because we don’t really know anybody and we don’t know anybody because we truly haven’t taken the time to truly get to know them.

The problem is a very real one; though maybe not to the magnitude that I would like to think it is. If I make it so big that it seems impossible to overcome, than to me it is impossible to overcome, so then I don’t even try. It is easier after all when I view it as a grand illusion. After all you can’t really defeat something that you cannot see can you?

The hypocritical behavior on my part becomes my defense mechanism, but how can I be a hypocrite if I don’t even know the source from which that behavior comes. So even calling myself a hypocrite becomes part of the grand illusion…

Even just re-reading this gives me a headache, because at times I tend to over complicate things, it seems at times like a bunch of double talk going nowhere. I like to think that I know people pretty well, but I know at times that I am totally off base. Human beings are complicated by nature, so any attempt to define any type of human behavior will by nature be complicated and not easily understood. I say we leave that part to the psychologist and sociologist and focus on building relationships with people with the understanding that we might not get some people or understand some behaviors, we need to understand that the thing that is most important is just to love people, through entering into relationship with them and that through that, just maybe they will open up to us and us to them so that we can get to know and understand one another.

Hypocrisy is something that we do even in the best of times, but we can never let it define who we truly are.

I found the following words as I was doing some sermon research; I believe they explain what is going through my head right now a little more clearly than even I can.

“One of the benefits of living in God’s presence is this: when you really see God, you see yourself; when you see yourself, you see your sin; when you see your sin, you cry out to God for grace and forgiveness, and you receive it. The saint is always more aware of his need of God than his successes in God, always more aware of how far he has to go than how far he has come.” (Excerpted  from Robinson/Good Guys, Bad Guys and Us Guys)

Might I add that when we realize and live this as a truth, then others will see us for who we truly are and we will see them in the same way.

No hypocrisy needed.

Until then, the grand illusion lives on.

May we do our best to make this illusion less and less a reality.