Telos – Why (?)

Telos – the end to which we do anything; the ‘why’ we do what we do

Why – for what reason or purpose.

In my opinion it is the most important question one ever asks.

Why brings meaning and purpose to life.

“Those who have a ‘why’ to live, can bear with almost any ‘how’.” – Viktor E. Frankl, Man’s Search for Meaning

Please ask why…







Empathy and Everyone (Born to Love)

Whether you are a person of faith or not should not really matter when it comes to empathy. Faith tells us that we are created in the image of a loving, caring, compassionate God, thus we are created to be loving, caring and compassionate as well. Science I believe points us in the same direction, empathy is part of our physical and psychological makeup; we are indeed born to love.

We also know that we live in a world where both of those realms (faith and science) are influenced by the world in which we live and that in both realms or realities things can and do go wrong.

In faith, if people have not been brought up in an environment of love and stability and empathy is not learned or modeled or ingrained in them. When this happens n people of faith stray from the way that is intended for them.

Scientifically or medically things can also go wrong if a person’s physiological make up is damaged either genetically or through traumatic injury, it can cause damage to the areas of the brain that control empathic responses.

Both faith and science point us toward the conclusion that we are indeed born to love, and when something goes wrong in either area, things in the world are not as they could or should be.

Both from a faith and a science perspective the corrective work is one of restoration of things to the way they were always intended to be.

We are born to love…

Neighborhood Pastor – Missionary – Advocate

I have for about the last 13 years been working at defining the work that I have been charged with at Drexel Gardens Christian Church. The following is a summary of where I am at in that process as of today 5/10/17:


I am the pastor for the people of Drexel Gardens Christian Church, meaning that I am called to care for all of those who share in our fellowship here. I am a teacher, I am a preacher, I am a facilitator of care giving, I am one who disciples, I am a disciple; I am a lover of all the people here.

I am a neighborhood pastor, which to me means that I am called to care for and love all of our neighbors who are a part of our neighborhood.

I am a missionary to neighborhoods, meaning that the work that I am called to do, while primarily for the Drexel Gardens Neighborhood, also includes work in other neighborhoods and/or communities where restorative work is needed.

I am an advocate for not only our neighborhood, but also for the very idea of what it means to be a neighborhood.

I am a firm believer that we are and I am called to “seek, work and pray for peace in the place where God has sent us, for in its peace we will all find peace.”   – paraphrase of Jeremiah 29:7



Would it be that we were all recovering addicts and willing to share our story’s. 

Because the truth be known we are all addicted to something, but we put a nicer spin on on them by labeling them as habits.

I do believe that to be addicted is to be human and that even in the most positive of things that our addiction(s) can take control of one’s life.

I further believe that the only means of overcoming addiction  (learning to live with might be a better way of wording it) is to relinquish control to what we recognize as our higher power and for me that is God.

But why is it important to make this recognition (of being addicted), I believe it is important because in most recovery circles a key element of recovery is confession and testimony, it is the sharing of one’s story of making one’s self vulnerable, so that healing and recovery can take place. 

Hello, I am Gary, I am a recovering addict and I am a disciple of Jesus Christ. 

For those who may be wondering, yes I have been and I am still addicted to a number of things, but I am in recovery…

... confess your sins to one another and pray for one another that you may be healed. … from James 5:16

…giving community

Community: A place where you all care about each other; with a common goal of doing what is best for the community as a whole; which would mean that the idea of community is seen not only as virtuous, but also as necessary for sharing life together.

It would also flow from this thought that preserving the shared life of those living in community would be of great benefit to the whole world.

It may start out with only a few and take patience and perseverance to achieve, but the possibilities are endless.

First I believe it starts with God, who by his very nature is communal and then it flows through Jesus and by the Holy Spirit it flows through us.

As people created in the image of God we are created for community and through God’s plan, he chose the church to show the world the importance of living in and as community; it is to be a place that embodies the possibilities of a commonly shared life.

It is something that takes time effort and energy, which we trust God to provide as we faithfully, obediently and patiently follow his ways.

At the core of community is its heart of …giving –

Seeking, working and praying for peace in this place where God has sent us.

Not Learning War Anymore


What would it look like if we did not learn war anymore? 

Would we have?

Less hate 

Less violence

Less rape

Less murder

Less anger

Less domestic violence 

Less child abuse 

Less depression 

Less suicide

And yes…

Less war

Would we not have?

More peace

More hope

And yes…

More love…

If only we would quit learning war…


Inspired by – Isaiah 2:4 (1-5); Micah 4:3 (1-5) and Jesus…


​Sometime, it is as good a time as any

Sometime, could be anytime you want

But usually sometime is a mystery

Maybe more like an excuse

I will help sometime

I will love sometime

But some will ask

what if sometime never comes

But it must,for their is a time for everything

Or so says the Preacher

Or so says the Preacher


​He sat in car all alone.

Reading a book

But he was troubled

He had a TBI which at times impacted his behavior

Some days he was on the verge of going crazy

Others he just battled the pain

Some days he was sad

Some days happy

But everyday he was in pain

What will happen if I lose control

What will happen if the pain won’t stop

Some days I forget a lot

Other days I just want to forget

Today he was confused

Today he couldn’t take the pain anymore

Someone is yelling get out of the car

Get out of the car

But I am just reading my book

I want to be left alone

Please leave me alone

I just want to be left alone.

Why am I bleeding 

I just wanted to be alone

Then everything went quiet